The Sextet, native from Buenos Aires, with original arrangements and an expressive female voice, was consolidated in March 2017. Musicians from different initial expressions, that leave you with a known tune on your head and a warm moment.

“El Afile Tango” focuses on a repertoire of classic tangos reinterpreted in a new and attractive way, appealing to emotion. They are now presenting their album “Nuevas Miradas”, which includes 10 tangos, a milonga and a waltz. New looks, new arrangements, new interpretations of “known” tangos assumed as a challenge of taking them to an audience accustomed or not to tango. The album was recorded and mixed at “Estudio Liberty” by Juan Libertella. It features the participation of Sandra Mihanovich that interprets with Laura the waltz “Gota de lluvia”.

They appeared in many of the Buenos Aires milongas such as “Oliverio Girondo”, “Domilonga”, “Ella es Así”, “Los Laureles”, “El Despelote”, “Abracatango” and “Mirando al sur”; in cultural centers such as “Batalla Cultural”, “Tiempos Modernos” and “Espacio Cultural del Sur”; in concert halls such as “Esquina Homero Manzi”, “Alianza Francesa”, “Clásica y Moderna”, “Espacio Tucumán” and “Club de Música”; and at events such as “La Noche de los Museos 2018” (at the “Museo Simik”). At “Pista Urbana” was the official presentation of the album the days 29/5 and 05/6 of 2019. They also presented their album live in the auditorium of the radio 2×4 within the program of Mónica de Carvalho.


Voice: Laura Cacheiro

Since 1991 she has been the creator and singer of rock, blues and jazz bands, with the slogan “I want it jazz” (2009-2015). In 2015, she is one of the 5 finalists of the “First Big Bands Vocalists Contest” organized by GCBA. She currently specializes in tango interpretation with Amelita Baltar.

Piano and arrangements: Marcelo Fernández

Graduated from the “Juan José Castro” Conservatory. He studied different styles and piano techniques. He conducted private studies with different teachers: Susana Kasakoff, Ernesto Jodos, Nicolás Guerschberg, Adrián Birlis and Julián Peralta. He teaches at the “Instituto Municipal de Formación Docente Superior de Escobar” and works as a piano accompanist at the “Juan José Castro” Conservatory.

Bandoneon: Lucas Lazzarini

He graduated as Orchestra Director at the National Art University of Argentina. He is currently Director in the Concertante Music Orchestra of Buenos Aires. He has conducted symphony orchestras in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico and Italy. He studied bandoneon with the teachers Juan Carlos Caviello and Néstor Marconi. From 2013 to 2015, he was the conductor and bandoneon of the “Orquesta Típica de la Vuelta de Rocha”.

Bass: Juan Losoviz

Sandra Mihanovich’s musician from 1994 to 2018 (recording several CDs and DVDs, national and international tours).
In addition, he has played in La Barraca, a group led by Rodolfo García (Almendra) in 1990, has been a musician at the Sheraton Hotel (1990-1994), Gillespie, Ernesto Snajer, Marilina Ross, Mahler-Cibrián Musicals, Maia Varés, Los Iracundos (Guatemala, Honduras, Chile tours), Kashmir Orchestra, La Con Todo Band (Miguel Angel Tallarita), Double Bass and Saxophone Duo with Fabián Aguiar.
Double bass player in the Tango School Orchestra conducted by Emilio Balcarce (2003), in the Palermo Orchestra conducted by Jaime Fraude, in the UTN Orchestra conducted by Gustavo Ehrenfeldt and in the UCA Orchestra.

Guitar: Lalo (Leandro) Díaz Keller

Guitarist and composer born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Graduated from the “Juan José Castro conservatory of music” (Classic guitar) and from the “Manuel de falla conservatory of music” (composition).
Was part of the “Orquesta el Bagre” (Tango), “Cosae Mandinga” a guitar and Bandoneón duet that recorded three studio albums and toured Europe, performed with the singer Julia Varela and her group, in 2021 recorded the solo guitar album named “Cerro Oculto”. He is currently working on his solo project as a composer.